Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Fun Memories . . .

We wanted to share with everyone what we've been up to the past year or so. It has been such an exciting roller coaster ride with Ben. Even though not everything has gone as planned, especially with starting a family, we have been so blessed to spend time together. Ben is my best friend! I love sharing memories with him. In fact, when he proposed to me he said, "I can't wait to share a lifetime of making memories with you!" I feel the same way, I love creating memories with him, and there is no other person I would rather be with. Look at me getting all mushy gushy. Anyway, these are a few pictures of some things we've been doing recently. We hope you enjoy!

This was a dinner party at a friend's house. It was a murder mystery. We played the part of famous rock stars and won the best dressed award. Rock out!

We love seeing the Christmas lights at Temple Square in Salt Lake City. We try to go every year when we visit our families in Utah.

This was a salsa party we went to with my older brother. He came to Phoenix for a dental conference for some hispanic dental association he is a part of. Even though we had no rythm, we tried to shake it up a little!

. . . and more . . .

Ben LOVES food! This was at a hockey game for the Phoenix Coyotes. He was just dying to get a hotdog. Boy, that kid just can't get enough happiness from eating.

We went to the Grand Canyon with my family over Thanksgiving. It was beautiful! You can't even imagine how awesome this place is. Of course, I had to take the infamous falling off the Grand Canyon photo.

Ben coaches roller hockey at our community center. The kids love him! They call him coach Ben and they always say hi to him when we're out and about, especially the grocery store!

We went on a church retreat over the summer. It was a trek, which was a 20 mile walk over three days. We dressed up as pioneers. I wore a skirt and didn't shower for three days! Yucky, but fun!

. . . and more . . .

Grandpa's retirement party! And boy was it a party. He requested to play basketball (his favorite sport) and he still has game! This is all of my aunts, uncles, cousins, etc. Notice that Ben is the TALLEST out of everyone...yes, my family is pretty short, but we love it!

Christmas with Kaye and Cal. I love my in-laws! They always do so much for us, and they are so fun to be around. Kaye is the most creative person you will meet, and Cal has such a kind heart.

Oh boy, was this fun! We went to Coke World in Atlanta. We must have drank 20 different kinds of Coke. My brother drank every flavor for a dollar (as a challenge) and threw up afterward in the parking lot. Gross!

Kissing at Christmas! And there wasn't even a mistletoe around...

Sancho! We love you. Ain't he just the cutest?! He loved playing in the snow when we visited Ben's parents during Christmas.

. . . and more . . .

Hahaha! My family trying to reenact the Christmas story. And the Oscar goes to...Ben! He was a wisewan, and boy did he put on a performance. I also love that my dad dressed up. I was laughing so hard!

This was a Mother's Day brunch we went to with Ben's family. They are always having fun celebrations, and they love treating us to good food. Yes...THEY treated US on Mother's Day. It should have been the other way around, but we're not complaining. We love them!

Ben and I went to San Diego for my friend's wedding. I love the beach! My favorite thing is to just listen to the waves. So peaceful. This was at the tide pools. Ben almost slipped and fell in the water, oops!

Just having fun with the free bikes we checked out from the hotel. This totally brought us back to our childhood. Seriously, when is the last time you had fun on a bike?!

. . . and more!

This costume party was total 70's style and we rocked the look. We were told that we looked straight out of the t.v. show That 70's Show. It was so groovy man!

My littlest brother just graduated high school and now my parents are empty nesters. I had fun going to Atlanta and seeing him achieve something so cool.

A mountain biking trip that turned a muddy nightmare! Ben works with the young men and loves it, but sometimes they wear him out! He goes on camp outs and biking trips all the time. Fun memories!

I may have won Ben as a jackpot of a husband, but we can never seem to win Megabucks when we try. Who can go to Vegas and pass up the one opportunity to become instantaneously filthy rich? That's all the gambling we do. We promise!

Because I am a high school teacher, we have the advantage of reliving prom every year. Ben looks forward to prom at the end of every school year so he can dance to the ghettolicious music that our students love. He is the life of the party!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Music to My Ears!

Let's just take a moment of silence to appreciate the music that is now playing! Seriously, it took me working on this off and on all day to figure out how to get music to play on our blog. Haha! I am so not tech savy. Do they offer free classes anywhere to teach you how to use a computer?! The problem is, I'm too impatient and I just want to figure it out on my own...which I did. Boo yeah! So, enjoy the tunes.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

It's Official!

Okay, don't get too's just that we're booked for Vegas! Ben and I decided to splurge a little and we got a two night stay at the Belagio. Wow, fancy shmancy. We're also going to see the Lion King production. I'll be the first to say that we definitely deserve this vacation. We've been working hard!

We'll let you know how the adventure goes, and keep your fingers crossed that the penny slots will pay out!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Another Milestone!

Yay! Our caseworker got all of our information turned into the state for approval, so we really are in that waiting process now. Wow! It was so weird when I told Ben because it all hit me that we could be parents as soon as November. It all comes down to timing now.

So aside from all the adoption stuff, here's what Ben and I have been up to. Ben had a crazy busy week last week! He coaches little league hockey on Monday and Tuesday nights. On Wednesday night he spent time with our church youth group all night. On Thursday we helped our good friends move, and then on Friday Ben headed out to a weekend campout with the boys at church. Haha! Ben is so not your outdoors kind of guy. They were supposed to go up to some peak and be able to reflect light off these mirrors that they made to other youth groups on different mountain peaks. It's some unity building activity. Ben couldn't find the right spot to be, even with a GPS! Oh, my bad, he couldn't use the GPS because he couldn't figure out how to turn it on. My poor husband. They gave up after two hours and headed back. Ben always gets sick after campouts, probably because he eats crap and doesn't sleep. Needless to say he was throwing up with a migraine Saturday night. He was a trooper though!

I had an exciting event last week. I got to record a training video for Petsmart. It's my third acting job this year. I was a dog groomer, and all they had for me was an extra large smock. It looked like I was wearing a dress. It was great, though. Who wouldn't take $500 for a couple hours of work?! Other than that, I've just been plugging through the rest of school. Only a week and a half left until fall break! Holla!!! We're planning on taking a trip to Las Vegas for fall break and seeing Cirque Du Soleil or another fun show. Of course we'll take our try at Megabucks!

So that's the scoop! Hopefully we'll continue to have good news along the way. We'll also keep you updated on our lives as we wait and hope. =)

Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Journey Has Begun!

I can't believe we have succombed to the infamous art of blogging! What?! Ben always calls people's blogs, "blahs". But, it really helps to have a blog that people can look at when you are trying to adopt, so here it goes. We've swallowed our pride, and we're gung ho about posting. Woo hee! We'll see how good we get at this. Should we put bets on how long it takes for Ben to make his first post. I'll put five bucks down, anyone else? Just kidding, I might need that five bucks if we get a baby soon. We'll have to do some last minute tornado shopping around Babies R Us. Apparently babies need things like a crib, carseat, diapers, ect. Who would have thought? Actually, I think Ben will fall quicker than expected this blogging business. So far he has been so totally into the process of adoption, and his attitude is so extremely positive.

Here's where we're at for now. We have all of our paperwork completed and our caseworker just came on Friday to interview us and tour our home. We failed. Just kidding! Haha, sorry we have to have some sense of humor through this or I think we would go crazy. The visit in reality went really well, and our caseworker was very encouraging about the time it would take for a birthmother to choose us for her baby. I really hope that this process can work out smoothly and quickly. We are more than ready to expand our family and begin the experience of having children. Anyway, our caseworker is going to send our paperwork to the state to get certified, and hopefully by the end of October we will be ready to go. Once we're certified, a birthmother can choose us and it's all up to the meeting of perfect timing and the perfect child that is meant to be with us.

We want to thank everyone that has been a part of this process so far. Our friends and family have been so supportive. Sorry if we have talked anyone's ears off about adopting, but it has been such a huge part of our lives for the last couple of months. It really is like a part time job getting certified and ready to adopt. We're grateful for the hard work, though, because it really does get you mentally ready. All the questions that you fill out really force you to think about how you would raise a child, what things you want for your child, where your relationship with your spouse stands, and so much more.

For those who are just finding out that we are adopting, we'll give you the lowdown on why, where, when, and how! Ben and I have been married for almost six years now...can I hear a little whoop whoop...and we started trying to have children about two years ago. I was able to get pregnant twice, but miscarried both times (in February 2008 and June 2008). We haven't been able to get pregnant again since and found ourselves feeling like we were in limbo and kind of what Ben calls a "rut". I prefer the word "routine". Haha, it sounds so much better. Routines are good right? Not that we don't love spending time together with just the two of us, but there is just a point in your marriage where you are ready for something more, and somebody more to share with. We reached the decision to adopt this June, and we have never looked back. It feels completely right, and we have no reservations about sharing a child's life. We truly believe that parenting is much more than a biological connection; it's an emotional connection filled with love, protection, and support.

Once we made the decision to adopt, we turned to LDS services. They work mainly with newborn babies, and that is our preference for our first child. We attended a seminar and were totally completely absolutely overwhelmed with all the steps you have to take in order to adopt. We kind of thought you would just sign up and choose a baby. Not so much. You first spend close to 30 hours filling out paperwork and certification documents and then you set up an online profile, get certified by the state, and wait for a courageous birth mother who loves her baby so much to choose you as parents to their beautiful child. We are excited to say that we are finally in that waiting phase, and it feels so good after working so hard.

We decided to start this blog so that our friends and family can share this journey with us, and so that prospective birthmothers can see exactly what Ben and I are all about. Please feel free to share this blog with anyone that you feel inspired to. Maybe you have other friends that are adopting that would like some support by reading about another's journey. Maybe you know someone that was adopted and they could gain comfort by reading how much effort their parents must have put into finding them and how much joy their parents must have recieved once they found them. Whoever you feel can benefit through following our journey, we encourage you to share our story with them.

And now with the best of attitudes and much enthusiasm we say, "let the adventure begin!"