Friday, April 23, 2010

Spring Pics!

Well it's about time that I add some photos on here! So here's the deal, or my lame excuse for not having pictures. Ben and I . . . correction . . . I am too stingy to buy a computer. Therefore, we are only left with Ben's company laptop which won't allow me to download anything for security purposes. So, I am stuck downloading photos on my 1990s school computer that takes FOREVER! But hey, here they are. And yes, I am giving myself one big pat on the back for finally getting some pictures saved. Anyway, here are a few of my favorites from the last few months.

Almost holding up her own bottle! Her form almost looks like she is smoking a stogie. Haha!

Sometimes our sweet little Braelyn likes to take cat naps in the tub. Don't ask me! This is her routine; turn the water really warm (she'll scream if it is the least bit cold), lay her down, she gasps for a second to get used to the water, she smiles really big, then she pees, and if she's really relaxed she'll fall asleep. It's hilarious.

This our Easter celebration. Our friends were so nice to have invited us to invade their family's get together. This is Ben and I playing the egg toss. My partner was actually the cutie in the green striped shirt, Aiden. He was so funny. Instead of throwing the egg, he would walk up and hand it to me. I wasn't complaining. Who wants a three year old throwing a raw egg at you?! Later Ben and I played together, and luckily the egg broke on him. Although the whole time I was giving him the look like, "if this breaks on me, you're dead!" He took one for the team.

Ben's favorite picture.

Always sticking her tongue out. I mean ALWAYS!

I'm learning as a new parent that you can NEVER get a picture of everyone looking at the camera. It's impossible.

She loves the superman move. She giggles everytime you hold her up in the air. So cute!

Again with the tongue.

Oh I just love her sweet little face, and that dimple, oh that dimple!
All in all, it's been a wonderful spring! We've had so much fun. We go to the park, go on walks, spend time with friends, and just have fun at home. I can't wait to have some more free time with Braelyn in the summer. Only three more weeks of school left. I'm counting down!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Saturday Park Days!

Ben and I love going to the park on Saturdays . . . well, I love going to the park on Saturdays. I think Ben goes just to make me happy, but he goes! We met some friends last weekend at the park and had a Mexican fiesta afterwards. Yummy! There's nothing better than enchiladas, burritos and guacamole! My friend Erin just got a fancy new camera that takes awesome pictures. That's what she says, but I think it's really just her. She's a great photographer. She was nice enough to practice a few shots on our family. So cute!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Long time!

I've been putting off posting because we just got a new camera . . . well, okay, like over a month ago. We've taken pictures, but haven't figured out how to download them yet. It's a mixture of laziness, computer incompetence, and just being plain old busy. So, here's an update with NO pictures. Sorry, the next one will have some. I promise it will be soon. I can't start slacking now!

Ben got his passport and is all set to go. As of now, he will be going to Peru without me because my passport hasn't come! I'm sure it will get here this week. I'm so excited. So, here is something really lame. I saw Ben's passport and he has this nice picture of himself smiling. I asked him, "What the heck? They let you smile?!" He looked at me like an idiot and said, "Of course, why not?" Here's why! The guy who took my picture was counting to three, I smiled, he stopped and said I couldn't smile, I laughed thinking that he was joking, he said, "no really I mean it. Don't smile", so I didn't smile, he took the picture, and I looked like an idiot who just took a mug shot!!! Now I have a lame-o passport picture that I have to keep for the next 10 years because some photo guy made up his own passport rules. Oh well!

My littlest brother Weston got his mission call. Wahoo! I'm so excited for him. He is leaving on July 14th for Cordoba, Argentina. He's excited to speak Spanish with my other two brothers and Ben.

Our little family had a wonderful Easter together. I was contemplating playing the Easter bunny for Ben and Braelyn, but that didn't happen. Ben LOVES junk food: sweets, fast food, soda, you name it. I was going to buy a bunch of Easter candy for him, but then I thought, "what are just the two of us going to do with all that candy?!" Plus Ben still had leftover candy from his mom. She sent a bunch of trial candies from the movie convention they went to in Vegas. It's like adult trick or treating. You go to all these vendors and they give you sample movie popcorn, drinks, nachos, etc. So I nixed the Easter bunny.

We hung out with some great friends of ours. They not only let us crash their Easter shin dig, but we also crashed their family Christmas right before Braelyn was born. Braelyn's little Easter outfit was so cute! Pictures to follow. It was a little white and blue summer jumpsuit. Loved it! She has this smile that just melts your heart. She is such a happy little girl now. I just want to squeeze her all the time. She still sticks out her tongue constantly, blows spit bubbles, and babbles cute little nothings.

I am so loving being a mom. It is so fulfilling and I adore every minute of it between 7 am and 10 pm. =) Thank goodness Ben switches off with night duty. We've gotten into a nice routine with Braelyn. She really is a great sleeper.

Anyway, this is a long update, but I don't want to forget what has been going on with our family. I really want Braelyn to be able to read this someday and know how much we love her, and all the exciting things that have been happening in our lives since we found her. What a blessing. Our little angel girl!