Sunday, July 8, 2012

Fourth of July!

Six years of living in Phoenix and not a single 4th of July here. Yep, we seem to always make our way out to see family over the Fourth. We've had our share of patriotic holidays in Chicago, Atlanta and good old Salt Lake City. But, this year soon to be born baby girl made sure that we were home for the first time ever to celebrate with friends, food and fireworks and we're so glad we did!

Thanks to our great friends the Knueppel's, we were able to have a mini Anthem vacation. We watched fireworks the night of the 3rd and spent the night. The next morning we lounged around in our pj's until about noon and let the kids run wild in the backyard. Seriously, best day ever!
Ben teaching the kids how to slip n' slide expert style.

Surprisingly my water shy Braelyn caught on pretty fast . . .

. . . and couldn't get enough of the fun.

These two sure do love each other.

Maybe a little too much. This time Braelyn was the one getting a little frisky. After the first kiss she kept asking Drew for more. We need to keep our eyes on these two love birds!

After a relaxing day we headed back home to Gilbert where we put on our own little family fireworks show. I have to admit we know Braelyn hates fireworks, but we just couldn't pass up the tradition. The only reason she is smiling in this picture is because she has absolutely no idea what is about to take place.
We told her that daddy had a surprise waiting for her outside. So we set up the blanket and got comfy.

Bahahahahahaha! Am I an awful mom?! I can't help but get a kick out of this picture. She hid behind me the whole time. Once they were all over she says, "I like the pretty colors, but the fireworks are too loud!" Well, there's always next year.


So our friends told us the circus was coming to town and we could get discount tickets. In my mind the circus equals FUN! Why wouldn't we go? Good company, fun entertainment and . . . uh . . . did I mention discount?! Any loving mom would jump on this opportunity to go. Yeah, this decision didn't exactly earn me the "Best Mom of the Year Award".

Before the circus:

During the circus:
We might have permanently traumatized our child. I'll just say she was a little freaked out of . . . well everything. Ooops! Oh well, Ben and I had fun!


I may never want to live in Utah (family, don't be offended. It's the weather, not you!) but we sure do love visiting! I can't even tell you how much fun we had with all our family and friends for a solid two weeks. Actually, yes I can tell you! And here it goes:

First up was the annual Orem parade! We left 100 degrees in Phoenix and ended up with 65 degrees in Utah. Let's just say it was a chilly night for a parade.
Nonetheless, Braelyn wrapped herself up in a poofy coat and braved the cold. What a trooper.

This picture scares me. Braelyn had way too much fun driving the Powerwheels at Grandma and Grandpa Goggins' house.
Hopefully she won't take after either of her parents with her driving skills. Ben and I both tend to crash into inanimate objects: garages, light poles, drive-thru posts, etc. They pop out of nowhere!

Then we celebrated Father's Day with all the best dads in the world, minus the best one of all. Poor Ben was stuck all by his lonesome in Phoenix while his little family ditched him. Sorry babe!
Helping Grandpa Randy open his gifts.

Loving her Great Grandpa Sawyer.

And what is a family party without some games?! Of course we busted out the parachute!

Then we got to spend time with Grandpa Cal and Grandma Kaye.

She has this grandpa wrapped around her little finger!

They loved drawing self portraits together. They're working on Grandpa Cal's timeless mustache in this picture.

And who ended up with the best present of all? You guessed it! Braelyn scored her very first bike thanks to Grandpa Cal. She loved it so much we had to buy a duplicate when we got home. She's a true biker chick!

Braelyn was obsessed with her cool uncle Landon! She was stuck to him like glue whenever this busy college boy found some time to visit us.
But trust me, swimming is not as fun in Utah as it is in Phoenix. Talk about freezing!

One of the best activities was going to Wheeler Farm. So much fun! And so free!
It may look like I'm stowing away a basketball under my shirt, but I promise there is legitimately a baby in there!

Riding the tractor with Grandma Kaye.

Petting the oh so smelly goats. If I recall correctly, I think there might have been a mini meltdown when it was finally time to leave. There's just too much entertainment with Grandparents around!

And this is just a taste of the adventures we had. I'm so thankful that both Ben's and my family live in Utah now. That way we get to see them even more instead of splitting up vacations. Thanks for putting up with us for two weeks and spoiling us with all kinds of yummy food, cool toys, much needed babysitting and awesome outings. You guys are the best!