Sunday, July 17, 2011

Be-YOU-Tiful Mommy Makeover!

Okay, so let me start this off by saying that I haven't really "let myself go" since becoming a mom. Yes, my morning routine has become a little more condensed than it used to be, but I still try to look put together for the most part. So with that said, I have a little spoiler alert for you reality TV fans . . . it's not all real!!! I got a job through my acting agency to play a young mom that has trouble getting herself ready in the mornings since having a baby. I brought an actual friend of mine to the shoot to pretend nominate me for a mommy makeover. It was a blast! I was loving being pampered. I probably would have taken the job even if they hadn't paid me! So without further ado, here are some pics and the before and after episodes.

The before shots with Katie.

And wa-la, the after!

Of course, I would never wear white pants or high heels as a "mom on the go", but whatever! The clothes were cute and that's all I cared about.

I think Braelyn liked the new look! Although I don't think that I could actually wear that much makeup. I like to eat cake, but not wear it! But hey, you do what you gotta do to look good on camera!!!

If you want to watch the videos they are online. For the before video go to

For the after video go to

So much fun!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Utah Adventures!

So Ben was gone for almost three weeks in New Jersey training for his new job. (Big sigh of relief that he is finally home!) My sweet dad had pity on me and decided that it would be nice to fly me out to Utah for a portion of the three weeks. I didn't actually end up flying out until the day that Ben came home, so the original purpose of the trip was shot, but we had a blast and it was well worth it. Ben just stayed at the airport after his flight from Jersey and we flew out to Utah together. He deserved a vacation too! We couldn't get enough of seeing both families. Since when does a week long vacation feel too short?!

We went to the zoo . . .
. . . where Ben tried to carry her around . . .

. . . but little miss independent would rather be walking herself. In fact I'm surprised she's actually holding grandma's hand.

Ben had a chance to bond with the ape statue. I'm glad he finds the ape nipple sexy.

Braelyn rode the merry go round twice. She wasn't too sure about it when it was moving, but as soon as the ride stopped it was, "more, more!"

We also rode the train around the park.

Of course Kaye threw an exciting Fourth of July party for Ben and his friends . . . 

. . . with four rounds of water balloons . . .

. . . lots of candy . . .

. . . pinata busting . . .

. . . swimming . . .

. . . and plenty of Dr. Pepper! Just kidding! That can is not opened. Those of you who really know me know that I would drop down dead if my child was drinking soda. That's grandpa Cal's influence on her. She wanted soda so bad that I finally just gave her an unopened can to gnaw on.

Notice that there are no pictures of fireworks in this entire Fourth of July post. There is a reason for that. Braelyn HATES them!!! She full blown freaked out when the first ones were lit. We spent the rest of the evening inside. She couldn't even be by the window or she would start crying. Eventually I just took her home and put her to bed. Party pooper!