Thursday, March 29, 2012


Ahhh, doesn't it sound so nice to just be laying out by the pool with just your hubby and a good set of friends relaxing under the sun with no worries and no cares?! Wait, let me add after months of potty training doesn't that sound nice? Imagine just being on a luxury cruise ship sailing off to the most tropical and remote parts of Mexico where you can zip line, snorkel, parasail, etc. What a dream! Well, Ben and I just returned from our cruise to Ensenada, Mexico and this is NOT how it was!!! Although we had a blast, nature, nausea, and our shallow wallets played a few unexpected tricks on us.

First of all, we did not splurge on luxury! We splurged on Carnival which is the Vegas of cruise ships. Although Ben and Bryan sure liked that aspect.

Ben swooning the girls at karaoke. He chose the heart throbbing Enrique Iglesias song "Bailamos".

With all the women screaming his name, I had to stake my claim on him!

Next, our dreams of 80 degree poolside weather turned into a cold rainy mess. Our visions of a tropical snorkeling excursion were replaced with a misty day of swap meet shopping. I did score some yummy Mexican vanilla! Watch out for my next batch of cupcakes!
Adventuring at the famous blowhole in Ensenada. Just pretend that there is a magnificently jaw dropping splash of water shooting up behind us.
It was cold!
And we were beat by the time the excursion was over. We're such sleeping beauties.

Lastly, between two pregnant ladies and the ship rocking like a see saw nausea was at its peak. I can't complain much. I mostly just had a headache, but poor Katie spent almost a day in bed after barfing at the gym and in the elevator. Hahahaha! Sorry Katie, but it sure was entertaining.
Don't you just feel so bad for her?! Poor Katie!!! She's a trooper, though. Before the cruise was even over she was talking about the next one we could go on.

Even with the setbacks, we had a BLAST! There's nothing like spending the weekend with a great set of friends. Thanks for the fun trip Knueppel's!!!
Our "fancy" dinner on the boat.
On our way home to reality . . . why do we look so happy???

I do have to say thank you to my wonderful parents for watching Braelyn while I spent some much need rest and relaxation with Ben. She definitely got spoiled. Grandma and grandpa paid attention to her every waking hour, fed her ice cream every night (admittedly my mom said this was to get her to sleep longer in the mornings. Full tummy = late riser), and took her to every park in the neighborhood. Oh, and my mom helped me with the last stretch of potty training. In fact she made it know to both my older brother and me that she will NEVER again babysit any of our children in the middle of potty training. Hahahahaha!

I also got to spend some time with my parents before we went cruising. We went to the Phoenix zoo and grandpa paid for Braelyn and me to ride a camel. Two words: they stink!

My mom and I also got to visit my cousin on his mission here in Gilbert.
We stuffed their bellies full at lunch and then took them for ice cream. Missionaries sure can pack it in!

I miss my family already. I can't wait to spend a few weeks with them in the summer and avoid the Phoenix oven for a short time. Love you guys!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

It's a . . . nother GIRL!

Most people assume that once you're expecting your second child, you automatically want what you don't have. It would make sense that Ben and I would hope for a boy seeing as how we already have our, and I say this very lightly, girlie girl. And of course, what guy doesn't secretly hope for a little boy to pass on all of his wonderfully macho qualities to?! Well, you couldn't be more wrong. I was hoping . . . praying . . . for another girl! Reasons you ask? Here they are:

1. Let's just admit it's less work and money getting ready for another girl.
2. I've never had any sisters, and although I don't regret this for one minute (I don't think I would have done well sharing things or attention with a sister), I think it would be fun for Braelyn to experience.
3. Ben and I already had a girl's name that we both loved and agreed on. Boy's name . . . that was a sore subject.
4. Let's also just admit that the tall genes don't run in my family! I'd rather curse a girl with my height (no big deal) than a boy.
5. Almost everyone else that I know, and there's about 16 of us, are having boys. I like to be different!

Well, with that explained my prayers were heard and answered! Hallelujah! Sorry little brother but you'll have to hold off until next time . . . maybe. =)

Sweet little profile. Ben thought every view of the ultrasound was her face. One time he said, "Oh Braelyn look! There's her eyes and nose." The ultrasound tech responded with, "Not quite. That's actually her umbilical chord." Haha! And Braelyn, as soon as the screen came on and she saw the baby she squealed, "Look Mommy! It's Kicky (Mickey) Mouse!"
Sorry Ben but there's nothing in between those legs! Okay let's admit even though Ben was totally stoked for another girl, he was excited of the thought of a little Ben mini me. Not this time!
Growing belly at 20 weeks and 2 days! I actually have another ultrasound scheduled this week with a specialist because the baby is smaller than average. Really??? You think? My mom was able to come to the ultrasound and the doctor looked at her who is 4' 11" then looked at me and back at my mom. Then she tells us that she's chalking it up to genetics but just to be on the safe side she's going to schedule another ultrasound. Baby girl is between the 3rd percentile and 15th percentile for head and limbs, but don't worry her hungry little belly is in the 28th percentile! Get your grub on!

Well all in all I'm feeling great and baby is doing well. I can't wait until she gets here to see what she is like. Hopefully big sister can teach her a thing or two! Who wouldn't want to learn from this cheezer?!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Movin' Along . . .

We're just truckin' along out here in good old AZ. We're enjoying the weather, our friends, and each other. Uh oh, you know what that means?! Once everything feels too good to be true, you get slammed with something crazy. Let's hope we can avoid that scenario for a few more months. I think I can get used to this kind of chill life at least until a new baby gets here.

Wait, I lied. There is one thing going on around here that might just drive me into a psych ward. Two hideous, awful, dreadful, dooming words: POTTY TRAINING! Every mother should receive a medal of courage for this accomplishment. Seriously, we've been trying everything. I think we've finally made a break through though. Thank you Minnie Mouse, Princess Tiana, and Dora panties. I owe you my sanity! Braelyn loves you and hates to "make you sad".

This was "pantless potty training day" and I'll have to say after two days of this she started getting into the groove of it. In fact she never peed on anything but the potty. Yay!
We've been bribing her with all kinds of chocolate and candy. I'm creating a diabetic monster!

Besides potty training, we have been having a blast. We got to celebrate Drew's 2nd birthday at the train park! Love those besties together.
Going for a touchdown . . . cracker, baby, football in all!
The kids loved riding the train.
Drew got a kick out of having Braelyn sit on his lap. I'm okay with this, but only for a few more years.
She begged and begged to ride on the carousel, then screamed once it started, and then didn't want to get off when it ended. Can we say indecisive?

We also got to visit our families up in Utah. We were sad to see Ben's grandpa pass away, but we know that he is happily watching over us. We love you Grandpa Dale!
It was a wonderful ceremony and so fun to see all the family.
Braelyn got lots of time with Grandma and Grandpa. We got spoiled going out to lunch, bowling, and to the museum.
Braelyn finally conquered her fear of snow and found out that it is actually quite delicious as long as it is "white" snow.
Sledding was a highlight!

We finally got a zoo pass, and that has been a blast. Play dates at the zoo are definitely a winner.

Another cute friend of Braelyn's. I love that there are so many kids her age to play with.

Some more random pics:
Busting out some finger paints from our favorite aunt Courtney.
Dressing up as a diva in mom's shoes and dad's tie. Great combo!

And last of all I guess I should post some preggo pics since I'll be looking back at this someday. The bump has finally come!
16 weeks.
18 weeks.

Well time has been flying by and we have much more to come very soon. Some things to look forward to in the near future:
1) My parents are coming to visit.
2) Ben and I are going on a much needed weekend cruise!
3) We're making our yearly trip to Vegas to meet up with Ben's parents.
4) My favorite . . . summer swimming is almost here!