Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Emry Kaye Gundersen!

For the second time in my life I get to experience the joy of being a proud mama to a beautiful baby girl. I wondered this entire pregnancy whether a delivery would be any different in loving a child than an adoption. I can honestly say now that there is no difference! I love my Braelyn Boo and my Emry Pie just the same. I can't tell you how special these two amazing blessings are in my life. Ben and I are so lucky to have been given two extremely different yet equally wonderful experiences.

Well since we've been able to share our special birth experience with Braelyn, which I hope someday she will read, I want to take the opportunity to share the welcoming of little miss Emry. I was so excited to attend my doctor's appointment on the morning of August 1st. I was hoping/praying that I would receive some promising news like, "Wow, this baby is coming soon!" Nope. It was a big fat, "Well, you're not dilated at all." Oh boy. I was so ticked off. The day continued, me being in a horrible mood, and Ben and I went to bed with no signs baby was coming. The second I laid down I noticed that I was getting cramps with each of my braxton hicks contractions. They weren't too bad so I thought nothing of it. I couldn't sleep so I went downstairs and did random chores around the house. 2:30 am rolled around and the contractions were closer together. I called my mom for advice, not knowing if I was in labor. She wasn't sure either. I woke Ben up and informed him that he would NOT be going to work because I wasn't getting any sleep and there would be no way I could watch Braelyn all day. I still wasn't really considering I was in labor. Finally around 4 am I decided to go to the hospital to play it safe. Long story short, my water had apparently broken sometime that day and I was in LABOR!

Needless to say it took another 12 hours of bouncing on a stupid exercise ball for me to dilate enough for an epidural. Talk about back labor! I've never been in so much pain in my life. Actually, it was completely bearable except for that last hour. Within 45 minutes I went from a 1.5 to a 7! And only 40 minutes after that I was ready to push. Miss Emry sure lacked patience in getting here. I had six practice pushes with the nurses and only three pushes with the doctor before she made her grand entrance. She was beautiful from the start and we couldn't be happier with our little addition.

Trying to be excited about the pain. Wahoo!

So glad my mom made it in time. She was my saving grace in getting the epidural when I did. I was in so much pain and she made the nurses check me again even though they just had about 30 minutes before. Luckily with her determination they came back and it was drug time!

Born at 5:05 pm weighing 6 lbs. 3 oz. and measuring 19 in. long. Our little peanut!

The happy foursome together. We were so excited for Braelyn to finally see the "baby in mommy's tummy."

What a sweet angel face. She's a clone of Ben, but still so sweet!

Braelyn Boo is such a good big sister. She helps me all the time changing diapers, burping Emry, putting her pacifier in if she is crying, etc. The first day we were home, Ben took Braelyn to the park. As soon as they came home, Braelyn rushed inside and in such a big girl tone exclaimed, "Well, we're back! How was baby Emry while I was gone?!" I died laughing. She wants to make sure she's happy all the time.

Her first little outfit. Hopefully this mom can keep up with all the stylish baby trends. Not likely, but I'll try. =)

Waiting to go home from the hospital. We were anxious to get out of there and get back to our comfy house even if it meant facing the real world again.

Sisterly love! I really hope they are good friends.

Mommy getting some cuddle time on the couch. I love these times.

All dolled up for visitors.

Daddy and his precious daughters. I couldn't ask for a better hubby. He really loves his girls and makes them feel so special. Thanks for all your help babe!

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