Monday, February 6, 2012

Update . . .

So it has officially been way too long since I've updated anything! I know, I know! I am just being a slacker . . . really I have no better excuse than that. I tell it like it is. I figured I'd give a play by play with some pictures over the last few months. Those are the best updates anyway. Let's face it, who actually reads what I put on here?! It's all about the photos! So here we go:

Baby Sloan came to visit back in November. Braelyn loved her to pieces and her favorite phrase was, "I take it!" It referring to the baby!

We took Braelyn to see the Mesa Temple lights. I'm sorry to say to all those Salt Lake Temple lights fans, but Mesa lights rock! They are so much more colorful and fun. Plus, you can still feel your toes by the end of the night.

We attempted yet another picture with Santa Clause. As soon as Ben set Braelyn on Santa's lap she ran off screaming like a crazed banshee. They wouldn't even release the photo that they snapped for us because her shirt came up when she was squirming out of Santa's lap. To improvise we tried to just get a family picture by the Christmas trees. Oh no! Braelyn was still eyeing Santa and wouldn't stop screaming. Oh well, til next year!

We did some festive arts and crafts for Christmas. I think we have a mini Picasso on our hands!

Ben and I got to participate in the annual reenactment of the Christmas story at Grandma and Grandpa Sawyer's house. If I dare say, I think Ben and I won for best supporting actor and actress. We rocked the living room stage!

We celebrated Christmas day in Utah with Grandma Kaye and Grandpa Cal. You've never seen a two year old get so spoiled in all your life. Hey, I'm not complaining! Braelyn still plays with all her loot from princess galore to movies to an awesome cupcake kitchen!
Getting lost in all the presents!
A family picture by the tree. Now if we could only get her to smile. You take what you can get! We're actually lucky to get any pictures nowadays. I really think Santa traumatized her from taking pictures. You say, "Let's take a picture" and she literally screams. Haha!

Braelyn loved hanging out with Baby Sloan and Uncle Taylor over the holidays. She still asks for them. Too bad they don't live closer. Hint hint.

Missy turned 2!!! That's right, we have a full blown toddler on our hands. And you better watch out because this girl is head strong and really to tackle the world. Move out of the way or get run over!
Eating chocolate ice cream. Can a girl ask for anything more???
Yes! Presents!!! I was such a proud mama. Braelyn thanked every single person for her present. What a well mannered little girl. Can I take credit for that one or do I have to chalk it up to just luck and a good day?

We went pedal boating with our birth mom and had an absolute blast! Don't be deceived by the cry baby face. Braelyn LOVED it!
Told you!

Ben ran in a crazy race called the Tough Mudder. It's a 12 mile long obstacle course in the mud, hence the name. By the time he finished he had mud in his ears, coming out his nose, wedged in his teeth, and a few other places I won't mention. I sure was proud of my babe!

I took Braelyn to see Toy Story on Ice. She cried in my arms for the first twenty minutes until the Barbies came skating out in all their bimbo dancing glory. After that, she was hooked. Literally for the next hour she couldn't take her eyes off the show. She talked about it for days. Thanks Katie and Drew for inviting us!

Speaking of Drew, how cute are these besties?! They have so much fun together.

It is beautiful weather here in Phoenix! We can't help but spend almost everyday at the park. Occasionally I can capture a few cheesy photos.

Okay, and I guess it's time to say . . . we're pregnant! Yep, that's a little baby in there, or as Ben would say "our little peanut". I'm a little over 13 weeks and we're due August 10th. We're really excited and Braelyn will be the best big sister ever! She loves her little baby dolls like crazy, wrapping them in blankets and rocking them to sleep. I don't doubt she will be mommy's little helper.

And there you go! The last few months in a nutshell. I guess I haven't been all that lazy! We sure do have lots of fun with our little family. I'm blessed to have such an amazing husband and spunky daughter to fill my life with so much joy. I love you two!